WAM provides rigorous, hands-on training in professional audio and the recording arts in a world-class recording studio with award-winning women instructors. 

Introduction to Audio Production & Recording – WAM Level 1 Certificate – Beginner

Consists of 8 sessions in WAM’s studio and covers the following outline:

  1. Science of Sound
  2. Signal flow and the Recording Chain
  3. Microphones
  4. Digital Audio and recording with Digital Audio Workstations
  5. Basic Audio Connection and Soldering

Professional Studio Recording – WAM Level 2 Certificate – Intermediate

Consists of 6 sessions. Learn to use the gear and systems in WAM’s professional recording studio: from large format consoles to patch bays, headphone systems, microphone selection and techniques, and signal processors (EQ, dynamic and time-based processing). Learn the signal flow and how to properly connect gear in a multi-room recording studio. Level 2 will cover the following outline:

  1. Recording in a Professional Studio
  2. Microphone Placement Techniques
  3. Mixing and Signal Processing

Live Sound Reinforcement

Learn the basics of live sound with an industry veteran at a professional music venue. Spend the day focusing on live sound techniques while working with a live band.

Master Classes

  1. Podcasting
  2. Introduction to Ableton Live and Electronic Music Production, etc.
  3. ProTools 101
  4. Intermediate Ableton
  5. Intro to Max
  6. Intro to Acoustics
  7. Intro to Mastering
  8. Synth Building
  9. Classical Recording


Introduction to Electronic Music Production – Fall, 2019

Exact dates TBA

Date: Exact date TBD. Course will take place in December. Location: WAM Oakland, 1900 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland CA 94601 Join Women’s Audio Mission for Introduction to Electronic Music Production in which we’ll cover the basics of how to navigate and use Ableton Live including: Understanding the Session/Arrangement views How to use clips Adding effects Editing Recording … Read more

Pro Tools 101 – Fall, 2019

Exact dates TBA

Date/Time: Exact dates TBD. Course will take place in November. Location: WAM OAKLAND – 1900 Fruitvale Ave Suite #3A, Oakland, CA 94601 Price: $80 for WAM Members, $100 for non-members Pro Tools 101 teaches the fundamentals of using a Pro Tools system, the digital audio workstation (DAW) most used in professional recording studios. Learn to build sessions that include … Read more

Synth Building

Exact dates TBA

Date: Exact date TBD. Course will take place July. Location: TBD   More details coming soon!