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Women's Audio Mission is a San Francisco based, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in music production and the recording arts. In a field where women are chronically under-represented (less than 5%), WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet. WAM believes that women's mastery of music technology and inclusion in the production process will expand the vision and voice of media and popular culture.

Dedicated to the advancement of women in music
production and the recording arts.

Recent News

Upcoming Events

  • Date/Time: December 4 - 3:30pm
    Location: Oakland

    Girls on the Mic is excited to host a workshop with TechBridge, an inspring after school program that focuses on expanding the academic and career options for girls in science, technology, and engineering, this November.   
    For this project, WAM engineer and Girls on the Mic coordinator Kelley Coyne will host a Q and A session for the girls on the topic of sound engineering, and then lead analog and digital recording stations.

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  • The Girls on the Mic staff is excited to announce a new partnership with Thurgood Marshall High School this fall.  Girls from the school will visit the WAM studio in December to:
    ·      Learn how to set up microphones and headphones for a recording session
    ·      Learn how the sound travels from a microphone to a recording program

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  • For the fall semester, Girls on the Mic will be partnering with Buena Vista Horace Mann for their Middle School Seminar Series.  Each week for 10 weeks, Girls on the Mic staff will bring WAM equipment to BVHM for girls to create their own podcasts, recreate dialogue and foley sound for a cartoon clip, write and produce their own songs on a 4 track recorder, and more.  We will also use the middle schools' live sound set up this year to learn about doing sound for theatre and live music on a professional PA system.  At the end of our partnership, the girls will take on the role of production crew for a talent showcase at their school!

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  • Girls on the Mic partnering with Citizens Schools for 3rd year
    September 2014 - December 16, 2014 3:30 - 5:00pm

    Women's Audio Mission is excited to team up with Citizen Schools apprenticeship programs (http://www.citizenschools.org/about/model/apprenticeships/) for the fifth time and teach their first year at Elmhurst Community Prep in Oakland.


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