Classes for Women
August 10, 17, & 24, 2016 | 7:00 - 9:00pm
Women's Audio Mission Studio (542-544 Natoma St, San Francisco CA 94103)

Price: $60 members, $90 non-members Learn the proper way to apply all of the types of signal processing using outboard analog gear and digital plug-ins. Includes EQ (Equalizers), dynamic processing (compressors, gates) and time based processing (delays, chorus, reverb, etc.). Finish up the class with an overview of a mixing session in WAM’s professional studio! … Read more


Studio G Brooklyn is looking for a few good people to intern. Please email Studio G Brooklyn will be a good place to be an intern. Almost all of our full time assistants were Interns here first. That’s how it works. The good ones stick around. Hope to see you soon!