WAM at AES 2012: Parties, panels, and more!

WAM is still reeling from the madness that is AES! But we love it.

This AES, we hosted a panel on the "Women of Professional Concert Sound", participated in a panel on studios built for educational purposes, hosted our biannual WAM Happy Hour Party at 111 Minna (with over 400 people!), and ran the WAM booth all three days of AES.

Some of the highlights of AES for us included:  great live music from teen sensations The SHE'S and The Bayonettes, old school soul and R&B from DJ Brown Amy (of Hard French fame), SnapFiesta's photo booth at our party which produced tons of entertaining photos (like this one below - a big thanks to SnapFiesta for donating the booth and helping us preserve some of these memories of the party!), the stellar, all-female panelists of the "Women of Professional Concert Sound" panel, and meeting new folks and seeing familiar faces at the convention center.

Here's a few choice moments from AES to remember:







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