New, donated software, gear and goodies at WAM!

WAM is delighted to have some awesome new software and gear in the studio thanks to the generosity of our industry supporters. Here's the rundown of the newest additions to the WAM studio! We're really excited to start using all of it.

SoundToys donated the Native Effects and TDM Effects to our studio. We've already used SPEED in one session and we're loving it. We can't wait to explore all of the other plug-ins included in both of these fabulous bundles. Thank you, SoundToys!

Sonic Studio generously donated soundBlade mastering software and Amarra, the audiophile music player, to WAM. It was a pleasure to have Jon Reichbach from Sonic come into the WAM studio and give our staff a soundBlade training. We're really excited to dive into this software and start using it in the studio. Thank you, Sonic, and a very special thank you to Jon for training us.

We're so pleased that Radial Engineering donated some gear to WAM for use in our training programs. WAM is now the proud owner of a Workhorse Powerhouse 500 series chassis, a Primacoustic VoxGuard, and three Primacoustic Crashguards. A big thanks to Radial Engineering for the new gear!





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